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Hot poured makeup primer

It has the appearance of a dense and rebounded gum. Touch it. The pick-up is surprisingly easy, supple, super soft and delicately powdery… imagine silky moving sand.  The magic is simply irresistible.  Completely transparent, the texture has a nice powdery finish – ideal for a primer.


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Pickering face care emulsion

Usually considered more gentle to the skin, surfactant-free pickering emulsions have yet to demonstrate their ability to deliver sophisticated and smooth sensorial experiences.  Orgasol® powder takes up the challenge and helps design this blur in an ultra-fluid texture with a fresh creamy feeling and matte finish.


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Light fluid foundation

A simple super fluid with quick spreading, this silicone-based fluid makes skin perfect in an instant.  Enjoy a sublimated natural glow all day long – no transfer guarantee.  Orgasol® powders improve pigment suspension, enhance the absorption of the fluid onto the skin and ensure shine control.


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