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A pioneer in the field of sensory powders, Orgasol® powder has become, in the last twenty years,  the go-to partner of the most demanding manufacturers looking for high-performance powders with innovative functionalities.

Based on Arkema patented polymerization technologies, Orgasol® powders offer ultrafine powders characterized by their round shape and controlled particle size distribution. Made without the grinding step used to manufacture most of other powders, Orgasol® powders offers spherical particles, in seven sizes from 5 to 20 microns, and a very accurate control of particle size distribution.

Extreme formulation

Combining the physics of particles, with the chemistry of textures and the science of delivery system, Orgasol® powder is revolutionizing the art of formulation to transform consumer experiences in personal care. Based on Arkema patented processes and exclusive expertise in the design of extreme materials, Orgasol® ultrafine powders are being developed to help you meet the most challenging requirements of beauty formulation.

Sensorial experiences

Widely used in the field of decorative cosmetics, Orgasol® ultrafine powders are mainly known for their sensorial benefits. Their spheroidal shape improves spreading, provides easy glide-on application and leaves a velvety feeling and powdery finish on the skin.

The Orgasol® product signature touch is predominantly velvety and delicately creamy.  The different grades allow you to choose the degree of velvetiness as well as the covering and spreading properties that will best suit your project.

Think multi-functional

Way beyond mere sensory powders, Orgasol® powders deliver multiple additional benefits

  • Thanks to their soft focus effect, they contribute to achieve instant optical perfection.

  • Their internal porosity offers long lasting sebum and shine control.

  • Some Orgasol® product porous microspheres can be used as ready to use delivery systems of active ingredients – their structure allows the continuous release of the actives with closer and long lasting contact with the stratum corneum.

  • In the formulation of compact powders, with their good compaction capacity, Orgasol® powder have shown to be highly effective processing aids


Responsible chemistry

Arkema’s powders are manufactured in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 certified facilities. Since its creation, Arkema has been pursuing a policy of continuous improvement in the fields of safety, health and environmental protection.  In 2006, Arkema endorsed the Responsible Care® Global charter of the World Chemical Industry and has renewed it in December 2014.

Recognized for our environmental performance (ECOVADIS, …)

The environmental performance of the Arkema group is steered with a high precision. Intensive indicators called EFPI have been created to calculate the most accurately the group's environmental footprint. These intensive indicators also called indicators of intensity and their calculation are audited by an independent third party body.

Learn more about Arkema's sustainability commitments